Dubrovnik FOOD Story

Details and prices

Tour includes:

  • Return transfer to family country home

  • Plenty of food and drink

  • Cooking gear

  • Professional guiding

  • Certificate that you successfully finished traditional cooking class

1050Kn (140 €)

Prebook at least 24h

  • Because you guarantee your place on tour

  • Because we need to arrange food & drink tastings

  • Because it allows that tour leaves on time

Who is this for?

Cooking class in Dubrovnik countryside is exclusive gourmet experience for all foodies. Our mission in cooking is quite simple – fresh, local and delicious food. Pick your ingredients right from the garden and enjoy preparing it with your hosts. Choose wild spices, dug your fingers into the bread mixture, lick some olive oil and blend it into a rural ambience. We are going to a typical family country home near Dubrovnik where you'll have an opportunity to prepare traditional meals that were cooked years ago and are still cooked today. Your hearty hosts will meet and greet you with a welcome drink, equip you with all that you need and show you the right steps of Dubrovnik cuisine.

Cook different types of domestic food, such as Dalmatian peka (lamb or veal baked under an iron bell), menestra (cooked cabbage with potatoes – a Dalmatian stew), ražnjići – skewers on laurel sticks, šporki makaruli (pasta with meat), gradele – grilled meat or fish, bobica – beans and dried meat, homemade bread, different deserts, etc. Through this tour we encourage organic agriculture.

Additional info

Timings of tour are approximation as it depends on how much guests are enjoying themselves. Regular tour is in English but for bigger groups we can offer private tour in other languages as French, German, Spanish and Italian. If you have any dietary requirements, please inform us in advance and we’ll adjust menus for you. Presently payment is done in cash after tour.

We'll try to make your day the best we can but if you happen to have complaints, inform us via email or on the phone and we'll give you a full or partial refund if necessary.